A picture book for kids & grownups.

The story of a scared little girl who climbs deep into the heart of a banyan tree.

An adventure with tigers and peacocks and monkeys.

A mystery about the darkness of grief and the brightness of love.

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∴ South Asia Book Award, Grades 5 and under
∴ Kirkus Reviews, Best Picture Books of 2016

∴ CBC Books, Best Books of 2016
∴ CCBC Best Book for Kids and Teens, Starred Selection
∴ 49th Shelf, Picture Books of the Year

“In Transit”
Now available in Issue 3.1 of Humber Literary Review (order)

This cat, dragged into the open air, its death, its stench, around which we stood in a circle, staring upwards as if in prayer, was too lonely to bear.

Second Place in Humber Literary Review’s 2016 Emerging Writers Fiction Contest

Nominated by Humber Literary Review for the 2017 Writers’ Trust / McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize

“The Origin of Jaanvi”
Now available in The Journey Prize Stories 28 (order)

Thalassemia, that was what it was called, from the Greek thalassa for sea, haema for blood—in other words, a sea of blood, or blood infected by the salt of the sea.

Originally published by Joyland Magazine (read online)

Longlisted for the 2016 Writers’ Trust / McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize


“Rohan, Rohan, Rohini!”
Now available in Issue 55:2 of PRISM international (order)

She wrote me a song whose lines changed often, nonsense lines, and she sang it to me before sleep, the time I broke my elbow, when I had the chicken pox, after I failed my first exam, until I came to look forward to the sound of my name at the end of his: Rohan, Rohan, Rohini…